Chairman Speak

Mr. Dharambir Singh Dhankhar

All parents hope their children have a successful life and bright future. With this hope,

Besides the academic attainment, attitude and ability are also emphasized in the school. Dhankhar Sr. Sec School is starting to learn business, a subject, which brings her new insight into modern society, rebuilds her value system and helps her to understand more about the difference between individuals from various countries, races, cultures and religions.

During the communications and interactions with teachers and classmates, she is broadening her knowledge, developing independent thinking and cultivating personalities together with spirits of cooperation.

In the school, children are involved in various kinds of sports such as activities, singing, painting, dramas, lectures and etc. Shyness, timidity and introversion are liberated. Cheerful, lively and confident personalities are developed gradually. Children’s performance are displayed, appreciated and praised, which inspires their broader interests.